Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Emerald Fists Tartaros Terminators - Complete

Final product of these guys.  I really really like this suit more than the standard mark of armour.  It looks a lot like MK IV plate and less like the arms are coming out of the marine's neck.  Last thing I have to paint for the Fists is a boarding squad, a dev team and a librarian dreadnought but I need to find some motivation for that stuff so it's going in a box.  Khornate things will probably come to the forefront of my hobby desk.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Emerald Fists Tartaros Pattern Terminators - WIP

Merry Christmas! Still slowly adding to my Emerald Fists, here are some Tartaros terminators.  I left the heads off so I could drybrush the helmets properly.  I'd also debated just painting the 'hand' part of the fist and leaving the fingers white to add some cool contrast but it really took away from being 'Emerald Fists' so I had to go back and paint the fingers fully.  In these photos you can see the progression from the heavy wash and then drybrushed back to a lighter gradient.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Emerald Fists Techmarine - Painted Forgefather

My finished techmarine (from a Forgefather).  I carved the Mechanicus cogs from a shoulder pad and glued them to a shin (the original model has none since I think it predates the mechanicum stamping everything).  The iron hands icons were all carved off and replaced with fists.  I'm not sure what that weapon is but since it isn't plasma or grav I painted it purple :)  I was super worried I'd break the servo arm so I added a magnet where it joins the carapace so that it will bend and snap off instead of breaking.  The heavy armour should satisfy the 'artificer armour' requirement of a techmarine.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Emerald Fists Techmarine - Face Painting

I picked up the Iron Hands Forgefather and added some fists (shaved off the hands) to make him a tech marine for my Emerald Fists.  I painted the face up with Talarn flesh, some dry brushing of elven flesh and dhenab stone and a couple light washes.  Really happy with him.  Since I'm expecting Kingdom Death minis to show up soon (hopefully) I need to get all the practice I can with skin tones.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Khorne Bloodcrushers - Completed

Finished off these guys shortly after the bloodthirsters since they were all basecoated alongside one another.  I had a bit of trouble posing the main guy since he wasn't balanced right and kept falling.  I had to touch some glue spots up afterward.  The red really pops on the black armour which was my hope.  My khorne bikers will eventually look similar though I may tone the red down a bit.  I didn't add pupils to the eyes of the bloodthirsters though.  Sort of a short cut, but also with a pupil figured it would dull the eyes too much.


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