Khorne Bloodcrushers - Completed

Finished off these guys shortly after the bloodthirsters since they were all basecoated alongside one another.  I had a bit of trouble posing the main guy since he wasn't balanced right and kept falling.  I had to touch some glue spots up afterward.  The red really pops on the black armour which was my hope.  My khorne bikers will eventually look similar though I may tone the red down a bit.  I didn't add pupils to the eyes of the bloodthirsters though.  Sort of a short cut, but also with a pupil figured it would dull the eyes too much.

 The blood for the blood god paint is really neat stuff.  Just quickly slash it on the blades and it stays shiny.  Though one must be careful I think; less is more.

Here's a shot with the bloodthirsters and bloodcrushers all together.  I'd have zoomed out more but my gradient background is only 11x17" and my desk is ugly.  Quite the horde of daemons shaping up.


  1. Looking just bad ass! Nice work!

    1. Definitely my new favourite shelf in the cabinet :) Thanks dude.


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