Emerald Fists Techmarine - Face Painting

I picked up the Iron Hands Forgefather and added some fists (shaved off the hands) to make him a tech marine for my Emerald Fists.  I painted the face up with Talarn flesh, some dry brushing of elven flesh and dhenab stone and a couple light washes.  Really happy with him.  Since I'm expecting Kingdom Death minis to show up soon (hopefully) I need to get all the practice I can with skin tones.


  1. I basically ordered all the KD stuff just to force myself to paint skin! Figure by the time I finish painting all of that, I might actually be half decent!

    1. I'm sure you'll be fine! I'm still tracking mine; it's stuck in Ontario (maybe customs) so I'm hoping to have it before next weekend. My group is giddy in anticipation.


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