Spartacus Board Game Miniatures Painted

So this one is a bit strange. Back in 2012 I bought the Spartacus board game and painted up the 4 figures that came with it. My friend liked the game so much that he bought it. There seemed little point to me in owning a game my friend had, so I sold my copy. It never occurred to me at the time to trade my painted guys to him for his unpainted ones. Anyway, fast forward 6 years later and we were playing (now he has all of the expansions too) and they heap of grey/white plastic really bothered me. So I asked to borrow his figures so I could paint them up.

Now, because this isn't my game, so they're not going on display, AND because the models are terrible (more on that) I did a quick speed paint on them (for me this means about 2 and a half hours for 6 models). There are very few highlights and those that are there are not very precise but this game comes up once every six months for us and do not need to be display quality.

As I had said, the models are terrible. Including the expansions there are 9 figures, and 3 of them I was too scared to paint since the plastic is so soft I didn't think the paint would hold. The rest of the 6, you can see some of them are more detailed than others. The really bad ones (the left and centre below) are two of the 4 from the base game. They're very smooth - for example the chest and stomach of the guy in the centre have essentially no detail. I painted some pectorals on.

My first attempt at these (with my wife) six years ago had more variation in colour but after watching the tv show again, I decided to just keep everything washed out reds and browns for the most part which seemed more true to the show (aside from one or two episodes where there are a lot of white wolf pelts - but I didn't want to spend so much time painting whites).

I'm happy with how they turned out for a quick evening of painting (watched Rogue One and an episode of Game of Thrones) and I'm sure my buddy will be happy with them.

If you're interested, here's a link to the previous ones I'd painted six years ago

First 2 gladiators

Other two gladiators