Tak Game Board - Woodworking

A while back I posted my quarto game pieces here  and those fit nicely with this game board. I quite enjoy the simplicity of that game, and more so the game "Tak". I wanted to make a nice game board that would work with both games so I set out to make a cutting board. I mean game board. You can see from the first image, that I essentially made a tiny cutting board. I salvaged some oak scrap I'd been hoarding for a long time and and because I didn't have much, the pieces were very thin. I added some walnut strips in between. Once that was glued up, I cut the 'board' into strips, and re-glued it with additional walnut strips to make a grid. Once that was dried, I glued the 'board' to a flat piece of walnut to give it more thickness (and strength). Then I squared it up. At this stage, I had a 5x5 grid, but I wanted something that marked the board as a 4x4 as well, for quarto. To do this, I drilled holes at each intersection and then used a chisel to make

Kingdom Death Wooden Token Tray

Kingdom Death Monster - Gladiator (Echoes of Death 2)

Kingdom Death Monster - Cleric (Echoes of Death 2)

Kingdom Death Monster - Knight (Echoes of Death 3)

Kingdom Death - Ranger

7th Continent - Flying Roots - Painted

7th Continent - Fear the Devourers - Painted

Kingdom Death - Monk

Kingdom Death - Hungry Basalt

Kingdom Death - Stinky Token - Poop Emoji

Death Star Shelf (Woodworking)

DIY Acrylic Display Shelf (Fits Ikea)