Kingdom Death Badar

A friend gifted this model to me a couple years ago. For colour inspiration I tried to match Aladdin's fancy clothes in so far as the model allowed it. I've been putting these little flowers on all my models as well and ordered a bunch more so I'd have more colour choices. Maybe they're not the most 'kingdom death' thing but I'll pretend they're blood thirsty flowers that just happen to look nice and accent the base. Badar's sword is toxic so I used a green wash to give it a simple hue.

Purple Heart Chess Board, and Storage Solutions

Wooden Laptop Stand (Mountain Peaks)

Kingdom Death Smog Singer Armour / Bard - Painted

Kingdom Death - Scout of Death Male

Walnut Hexagonal Pencil - Woodworking

Wood Serving Tray with handles - Weave Pattern - Woodworking

Magnetic Dice Tower and Dice Vaults - Woodworking

Tak Game Board #3 - Woodworking

World's smallest cutting board - Woodworking

Tak Game Board #2 - Woodworking

Leather Shotgun Boot Buttstock Ammo Holder

Cribbage Board - Woodworking