Drawers Drawers Drawers!

I learned how to make drawers in the fall, and went on sort of a drawer building spree. I'm still learning so there are some rough cuts, and I probably could have had a better blade so that the melamine didn't chip (I also learned about zero clearance inserts AFTER all of this). Lessons learned! I upgraded our pantry which previously just had shelves and we couldn't reach anything in the back: I upgraded my office with a pull out scanner (previously took up valuable desk space; this one was made with scrap wood and is hidden; I also ran out of iron on veneer so it's uglier than the rest, but it is functional.  I upgraded the bathroom under the sink (some discoloration because I used scrap wood (I didn't want to buy an entire sheet for one part though now I suppose this makes me look pretty lazy! You can see by this stage I tried incorporating some little handle designs in the drawers. And lastly I upgraded our cookware storage (previously just a big cabinet). Next I

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