WIP Nerd Desk (Painting/Gaming)

No, I'm not dead, but I've not been posting regularly. I've a) very much reduced hobby time on account of children and b) run out of things to paint! But, I have been slowly upgrading my nerd room. 

I posted a long while back the reno I did in my man cave (it was just a dank storage area before):

Anyway it's been slowly upgraded further. I forgot to take a great 'before' picture of my painting / PC gaming area, but you can see in this 'in progress photo' that I had an old ikea corner desk that came with its own shelving and a junky old filing cabinet. I decided I hated it a long time ago and finally this summer decided to improve on it. Step 1 was way more storage so I bought some Ikea cabinets to hang on the wally and replace the subpar and limited storage that came stock with the desk. I also reorganized my Detolfs into the opposite corner where they fit perfectly under the bulkhead.

In the next photo you can see everything rearranged and the ikea cabinets finished. For the floor cabinet, Ikea doesn't make one at 'desk height' since they're all for kitchen counter height. So I made my own box and just cut some ikea doors down to size so they'd match everything else. There's no top on it yet, because the plan is to replace the top of the old ikea desk (which is extremely water damaged from spilling paint wash water on it) with a custom one made of 2x6 boards to match my gaming table. It will extend in a giant L shape.

Below is the custom cabinet box I made to replace the old rusty filing cabinet I had. Nothing fancy, and since I used ikea doors cut to size, it matches everything else despite being unfinished and unpainted inside.

Here's another angle of the framed photos from kingdom death I've used as a backsplash, and yes, under their portraits in the left there, is the Echoes of Death box! So I do have some new things to paint when I find some time. Maybe by Christmas!

Here's a different angle showing the room as a gaming space with my folding table.

I guess I never posted this part of the room before. Here's the opposite wall from the desk that I upgraded last year. I've tried not to go overboard on 'junk' and it isn't super flashy because the room still needs to function with utility (sorting laundry, storage, and also functioning as a guestroom).


  1. Nicely done! I especially like what you've done with the Ikea Detolf glass cabinets. Mind explaining how you did those? I see additional strip lighting and some sort of box underneath to raise them up a bit.

    1. The shelves themselves have a bit of an explanation here: http://theambit.blogspot.com/2016/11/ikea-display-cabinet-modded-with.html

      The lights are just 12v strips of lights. You can buy all of the stuff on ebay for under 20 bucks. There are lots of posts online explaining how to do the lights far better than I could.

      As for the box underneath, it's an Ikea mosjo https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/90144730/. The thing is rated for 40lbs and the Ikea detolfs weigh 81lbs each, empty. So to counter this, I took the horizontal shelf that comes with the mosjo and cut it so that it runs vertical instead of horizontal, and used the leftover piece vertically, behind the mosjo for more support to prevent sheer movement. It's been over a year I believe and it hasn't collapsed but it makes me very nervous anyway. I'll probably replace it so I can sleep better at night haha.

    2. oh and I also took the feet off the detolf cabinets so that the load was spread out over the table surface which is made of that cheap cardboard ikea stuff. The whole thing is pretty scary. Don't do it.


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