Gaming Table Build - Complete! 500 posts!

I think this is a really great 500th post for my blog.  I've finished my gaming table which is stained and folded up. It fits 6 folding chairs hidden inside.  It's fairly sturdy and REALLY heavy.  I needed help to get it into the basement.  When it's all folded up you can barely see the pine underneath so I'm happy about that.  My renovated nerd room is now complete!

In the second image you can see one of the leafs extended (so it's about 3/5 size right there).  I put a polyurethane coating on it too so that spilled drinks won't ruin it (though I'd have to crush whoever spilled a drink on my board games anyway!).  Perfect size for Kingdom Death, Xwing Armada and such.  If I ever play 40k in an actual game (you can see it all in the cabinet), my Realm of Battle Board will sit easily on top.
I'll have to take a picture of some nerding on the table when next they're over.


  1. Wow. That is beyond cool. I like the almost mid-century modern look to it when the table top is down.

    1. Thanks, I'll have to google mid-century modern :)

  2. Very nice :D Class work indeed.


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