Kingdom Death Shield bearer painted

I have a few painted survivors with shields but the load outs never seemed to match up with our gear as we try new weapons across campaigns so my friend suggested a guy with just a shield for all of those situations.

I see this set of legs always done as an archer and I'd yet to assemble mine. I went with this pose to emphasize that her only purpose is as a meat shield and so it looks like the shield was only raised in the last moment before the beast struck.

I went with a combination of leather, rawhide and antelope parts so that the armour would really look generic and match the rest of the set ups I have, though unless you paint them drastically different, those sets really do blend together well and are my favourite of all of them (whereas the rest look like there's metal or iron involved so they look like the next tier).

I've wanted to use this head for a long time too but the flowing locks didn't work well with any of the poses I'd done so now was the time. I also tried a different approach to painting blonde, with less 'yellow' to it and more tan. I like how it turned out.

Graveyard earth base
then dry brush a mix of
desert yellow
then another with more wych
then wash in gryphonne