Kingdom Death Dung Beetle Painted

With some slightly better lighting and all of the details picked out, I think you can see the armour sheen a bit better. I've put a few angles to show it. When the light is directly on it it's more purple, and turns green/blue at an angle.

 I also really like the base for this forest creature. My favourite are the little mushrooms :)

Eyes everywhere! I painted the wings with a gryphonne wash and held him upside-down until it dried. Simple enough minus the arm cramp. The dung ball is going to have to wait while I brainstorm how to do it.


  1. Wow mate - love that carapace effect.

    Dung... is it really a ball of poop though? I seem to remember it being in the same design style as the stone faces that are all over this game's design. So maybe just make it a rock ball, with poo highlights? :)

    1. We haven't fought him yet and I suppose it could be stone, but then he'd be a stone beetle knight right? The face does look like carved stone (and there are cracks) but dried out monster dung could probably be carved and would crack too :) I won't settle for slate!


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