Blood Bowl - Underworld Pt4

Here's the finished goblins to go with the chaos underworld team.  They do need some grass tufts to match my humans, but I ran out and need more from army painter. You can see in the background that the troll isn't done. I only painted the goblin along with the rest since he will be a different skin tone and warrants painting separately. Painting these went pretty quick since they're so small. Cool little models :) I also like that there were 7 different heads in the kit which allowed me to make 8 slightly different models even though they're essentially snap fit (they're not but close enough).


  1. Loving the yellows! Great orange throughout them! Goes great with the skin tone you've come up with!

    1. Thanks! Nothing too stark - though someday I want to do orks and I think I'd keep the same yellow which makes me unsure how I'd do different greens to match (black orks etc.) Maybe just different browns mixed in to mute it?


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