[Emerald Fists] Lucius Pattern Drop Pods - Painted

Here's my fleet of drop pods!  I'm impressed by how heavy the lucius pods are.  Just a touch of green and some iconography.  I did the inverse of what I've historically done for the hazard chevrons.  Before I would sponge black over the yellow but this time I went sponged yellow over the black.  I think it looks better (subtle and I doubt anyone would notice) but for some reason it looks chipped instead of dirty like the original method did.


  1. I can only imagine the weight of those pod. They are probably similar in weight to the sicaran! How was the assembly of them?

    1. Definitely heavy items :) I did not enjoy building them. I had to cut the hinges off and replace them with coat hanger. A friend had his break when the door fell open because they're so heavy. I wanted to avoid this. I also had to add a bunch of shims and stuff to get everything to line up.


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