[Emerald Fists] Vindicator WIP, Hazard Stripes and Weathering

I started my vindicator which I'd put aside after base coating half a year ago.  Firstly I painted all of the details and did the shading, and then sponged on charadon granite for some weathering.  Once I felt the tank was pretty much done I wanted to add the hazard chevrons to the dozer blade.  I'm assuming this is so common because it's a large flat area and people use it to break up the bland surface. 
Here's the model right before starting on the hazard stripes.

I started by painting the entire dozer blade surface in charadon granite.  I then sealed this with a satin varnish.

I added some green painter's tape (it's not very sticky so it doesn't ruin the underlying paint).  I sprayed this with hairspray in two events. You can see how it's pooling and drying.

After this I sprayed it with my air brush using chaos black.  Once this was dry, I used a wet stippling brush and scrubbed off various spots to expose the underlying charadon granite.  The water loosens up the hair spray and chips the paint off.

After this, the process is repeated, varnish, hairspray and then taping on the hazard stripes.  Spraying with tau sept ochre and then removing paint chips again.  Below is the result of the process. 

Then so that the dirty soil weathering wasn't bland, I added blobs of GW texture paint.

After this dried, I air brushed scortched brown and bestial brown to the lower half of the blade.  I followed this with a devlan mud wash across the entire blade to blend everything together. 



  1. The hazard strips really add a ton of interest to the model. I really enjoy your weathering technique as well. Model looks fantastic!


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