Land Raider Achilles w/ Chapterhouse Sponsons

This is nothing revolutionairy but I thought I'd share a picture of a land raider achilles with the chapterhouse sponsons thrown on.  The Achilles Alpha Pattern didn't exist at the time when I made this; though my version blends in with my other land raiders better.  Everything is also on magnets for future variants I'm sure will come out.  It's quite boxy now and someday might even get paint.


  1. If you get a chance, can you take some additional photos of it? (side and such). Looks good so far!

    1. It looks a lot like this one :)

      To be completely honest I queue up my photos ahead of time (since my ability to devote time to gaming is all or none) and I started painting this but the pictures aren't due to be shown for a bit! It's terrible but it gives me freedom to post without burning out. You will just need to be patient :)

    2. That's a good way of doing it. I can see how people quickly get burned out blogging. It takes an enormous amount of time to setup, take the photos, type all the stuff up, etc. Looking forward to your progress. Thanks for the link!


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