Emerald Fists Command Squad Part 3 - Complete

I'm done with my command squad!  The models are all of the forge world dudes with the older marks of armour.  I'll be running these as a suicide squad mostly; probably with an HQ or sometimes even lysander. 

I'll have to come up with some fluff for these guys eventually.  This gent's sword broke during a great fall from my desk so I replaced it with a sanguinary guard blade.  It's quite a bit larger which means I'll roll better...

I'm not sure if a marine would earn terminator honours and then end up being the phone guy - or maybe you need to be really good at killing to not get distracted while ALSO being on the phone...

This apothecary model is awesome.  I really like all the vials and jars which are everywhere.  I just wish I could paint them better. 

Banner bearer...  Can't let that fall.

The company champion.  I decided here to start incorporating more gold into the army.  You just really can't go wrong with gold.  I think my more special characters and elite units will have more gold in the future.

I'm no free hand painter so the banner (which is just a plain piece of resin) got the etched brass treatment.  A few fists here and there plus some scrolls really filled it out.  A bunch of random scribbles and you have some honour tallies and something to fight for!  As you can see efrom the image above he holds it at an angle so you sadly can't really see it during a game unless you lower your head.  This also is very top heavy so I had to add a coin to the bottom of the base to weigh it down.  Worked like a charm.  These guys will be riding last month's drop pod soon!


  1. Gorgeous work, man! The apothecary is especially nice!

  2. Nice work, awesome company champion, is that the Black Templar's emperor's champions sword?

    1. Thanks man! SO much more to come. All of the models are stock aside from the helmetless guy. His is a blood angel sword.


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