Reclusiam Project Part 4 - Jump Pack Chaplain

My next chaplain installment is a power armoured version.  This guy has been magnetized so that I can put a normal power pack or a jump pack on him.  He's really heavy (metal) and I'm quite worried he'll topple over but I do appreciate the dynamic pose.  I also like this helmet sculpt above the other chaplain models.  I like that it still looks like a space marine helmet just with a different face plate.  Doing the scroll work on this guy's loincloth was difficult because it's very concave; I'm not happy with it but from 2 feet away it looks fine.  I feel I'm getting a bit lazy in my work maybe. . . Too many marines!
The rest of the pictures show some other angles.  This really is a nice sculpt though I'm partial to all of the chaplains.  A battle priest is just a cool image.  Again I tied the Emerald Fist veteran imagery into the model.  Beneath the jump pack and on the opposite shoulder it isn't captured by the image, but there is brass etch fist icons as well.  I really like that stuff.