Emerald Fist Reclusium - Project Start

I  took this picture when I did the initial black basecoating of this batch of models and you can see my Deathwatch in the background that I posted last week.  I felt that doing all of the black basecoating at once would save me time in the long run for set up and setting up the air brush and such.  I also really like the models for chaplains but the rules are terrible so they never seem to beg for play time.  This makes other models that I'll actually use take the lead in the queue.  But no longer!  These guys are on my plate now, one of each type of armour.  The dreadnought will be my Chapter's head chaplain, and the others the chaplains of the first and third companies.  The chaplain dreadnought will be used as an ironclad in games I think so I'll need to find myself a storm raven or lucius pod for him.  I adorned all 3 of these guys with etched brass of little fists too to help blend them in.  There's always a place you can find to stamp a fist.