Emerald Fist Nurgle Zombie Heldrake

I started to assemble my heldrake out of a terrorgheist and an honoured imperium statue.  I'm going to paint it up as an alabaster dragon so it will match the white of my Emerald Fists.  The red guts inside will look pretty cool as a start contrast with the white too.  I think the statue will get an exceptionally rusted steel look as everything the daemon spawn touches dies.  I'm looking forward to having this in my army.


  1. That is seriously cool! looking forward to seeing this come together, great call on using the statue as a base!

    1. I wanted to use the statue to make the entire model look less fantasy especially since I won't be greenstuffing the model. Having a large space marine really screams 40k :)

      Finishing it is a little ways off (it's not up there in the queue) but at least now I can game with it.


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