Chapterhouse vs. Forge World Land Raider - Thoughts?

Chapterhouse Land Raider Kit
I really like the look of land raiders with enclosed sponsons and there are two versions I've found on the market.  The left is the chapterhouse upgrade kit and the bottom is from forge world.  What are peoples thoughts on which is better?  The pros for chapterhouse: cheaper and look like you can attach crusader bolters easier; I'd also buy redeemer kits and start out with more weapons which means less bits orders.  Pros for forge world: they look more sleek and I really like the engine component they include.  I've heard negative reviews about both with respect to casting so that seems to cancel out.  I'd like to know other peoples thoughts on the matter or if they've had bad experiences with these kits (not the parent companies as I've bought from both no problem).

Right now, the price is really driving me to consider the chapterhouse kit but I'd like more info to base that choice on.  You can get about 3 chapterhouse kits + redeemers for the cost of 2 from forge world once you factor in shipping.  And I'd really like 3 for my army...
I also think the large rivets on the CH version would have to be removed.

Forge World Land Raider Kit


  1. I prefer the chapterhouse ones, because they remind me more of WW1/WW2 tanks.

    1. They do look a lot more rustic! I actually couldn't wait any longer and ordered from chapterhouse. The 'trim' on the chapterhouse ones I believe fits aesthetically with the 'Blood and Skulls Industries' sponsons and turrets I have for my predators. So in the end, I went with matching.

      Thanks for making me feel like it wasn't a terrible choice :)

  2. Personally, after having seen both firsthand, I much refer the Forge World kit- it just somehow looks "better" in a nebulous, hard-to-pinpoint sort of way (and I didn't know which was by who before I'd decided, so the manufacturer was a non-issue).

    That said, however, my favorite 3rd party tanky add-on bits are *easily* Machinator's stuff, from Blood And Skulls Industries on eBay:

    Last I checked, he didn't have these style side-sponsons and such for Land Raiders, but if you go with the Chapterhouse kit, he *does* have some awesome engine bits and the like.

    Oh, and in the interests of full disclosure, I've swapped a few emails w/Machinator, from time to time, and bought a full set of resin replacement treads for one of my Baneblades off of him. (And yes, "one of" them. I'm a treadwhore, I can't help it- I don't even play 40K anymore, haven't in years, and even when I did, I was never a Guard player. I just love tanks).

    I'd say to tell him I sent you, if you bought any goodies from him, in hopes of getting free gribblies towards my plans to convert Dragon's 1/35 MAUS into a 28mm superheavy tank, but I doubt he'd even remember me, heh.

    That said, really do go check his stuff out, though- it's amazingly good, and you may well find stuff you never realized you needed 'til now, like the new Thermic Cannon set I just saw when grabbing the link and am trying to figure out exactly what project I need it for, since I obviously *do* need it...

    Ahem. Yeah. Treadwhore. I'll shut it now.

    - Scott, aka Sumatran Rat Monkey/Monk (Lead Adventure Forums and The Miniatures Page)

    1. Thanks Scott for your detailed comment. I also love Machinator's stuff (that's what I bought for my predator turrets/sponsons). He just does not have similar kit for land raiders currently. I'd even asked him last week about whirlwind equivalents but they appear to be far down the pipe.

      As for the engine bits, I actually bought the ones he made for baneblades and never used them. I think they're actually too big for a land raider but I'll take a look tonight.

      So I'll casually understand exactly where you're coming from. I buy stuff far before I need it, and actually sold 10 tanks a month ago so I could start over with newer, better tanks using machinator's stuff :).

      At least I'm not the only addict...


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