Land Speeder Vengeance - Positive Thinking

So basically every comment I've read since the images of the new releases have come out are utterly negative.  I'm so sick and tired of people whining.  If the game is that terrible stop playing and stop trolling the people that do like it.  Anyway!  I think this model has tons of potential for conversion and I REALLY hope that it is a heavy support choice.  Intuition tells me that it should be with the weapons load out pictured and the fact that it would really open up the army list force org for a bike / speeder army.  Anyway I have three wish list items; one that it is a heavy support, scouts storms make it to the book, and 3 that they're dedicated.  I'd love to model this vengeance up like my other Argonaught speeders and have 7 speeder variants running around while my bike army escorts them.  Time will tell.  Anyway I think if I hack those wings off and convert the vengeance along the lines of my other speeders that it will end up looking pretty sweet. 
So remember, this holiday seasons - cheer up.  I'm really tired of every comment being 'that unit is ugly, too expensive, overpowered, underpowered or boring'.  I don't think GW has ever made a solid choice judging by the comments section on-line yet we're all still here crying over little plastic space men...


  1. Sorry, I like ALL the new units but the land speeder Vengeance looks like ass. I don't say that as a troll, but someone who's main army is DA & has much love for the unforgiven.

    That said, you've given me new hope with your amazing conversions.

    1. If you qualify the dislike I don't mind that at all. It's the people that naysay every single thing that have bothered me as of late.

      Also, thanks

    2. I second the praise for your conversion abilities. Well done! I'm sitting on the fence with the Vengeance. I don't hate it and I like the idea of the unit in principle. I think I see it more of a missed opportunity for a really great model instead of a much-criticised one if only they had tweaked a few things (engines and pulpit IMO). That said, I will buy and try to convert one, but £40 for something you need to convert to make aesthetically pleasing stings a little.

    3. I appreciate the kind words. I agree that the model is by no means beautiful but that doesn't bug me that much. I actually like models more that I have to convert. The vengeance reminds me of that deoderant bottle speeder that was in a white dwarf years ago. My gripe is really the sky is falling attitude of the Internet not good critique. Anyway merry christmas

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    1. Thanks! I'm thinking if the vengeance allows the same sort of conversion it might be suited to having two axels of wheels in tandem in the rear.


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