Nighthawks Rifleman Dreadnought

Typhon; former veteran sgt. 1st company;
fatally wounded 124 M39
I finished painting up SO much last night.  a 5 man command squad, librarian and techmarine all on bikes plus this dread.  I'll show them all over the next few days.  This is my rifleman dreadnought for the Nighthawks Chapter.  I converted the arms with venerable dreadnought shoulders and cut up some autocannons from the aegis defense line.  I've seen a lot of people simply glue those guns to the dreadnought but they look really tiny and the attachment is too weak.  Adding these shoulders makes it actually look like a dreadnought and is super easy.  Especially since the venerable dreadnought kit comes with like 3 pairs it's not hard to have extra.  The body is a Mark IV Ironclad from forgeworld.  I've added extensions to the legs to make him taller by about 1/2" so that he isn't as squat.  I've done this with all of my other dreadnoughts and figured I couldn't stop now.  I added a bunch of ravenwing bits to it to make it blend in with the rest of my army and there you have it!

Typical loadout of Nighthawk Dreadnoughts;
note powerful auspex unit mounted to left shoulder
and heavy autocannon turrets.
As the tactics of the Nighthawks Chapter focus on lightning strikes and rapid redeployment, battlefield speed is of the utmost importance.  Due to this universal truth, dreadnoughts do not have as prominent a role among the Chapter as they would among others of the Imperium.  Dreadnoughts are even more rare among the Chapter and internment is considered the greatest honour.  Only the brightest and most capable of battlefield minds receive this honour -although battle brothers oft consider it a curse.  To be forever removed from the ability to ride into battle is a destiny that no true Nighthawk would long for.  Despite this, those that prove their leadership abilities and strategic acumen over centuries of battle will inevitably fall and be interned inside a sarcophagus to provide their tactical expertise for centuries to come.  It is said that no war council or campaign has been prosecuted in Nighthawk history without being overseen by a dreadnought of the Chapter.
Nighthawk dreadnoughts are typically armed with long range firepower and powerful auspex units so as to provide them with the ability to oversee engagements from afar so that they may provide intel and long range fire support and not be left behind and without use.  It goes without saying that the redeployment of a dreadnought is not without its problems so they do not usually accompany a strike where a tactical withdrawal is a high probability.  Instead they will provide the Chapter's limited siege capability in situations which demand it.
The Chapter's dreadnoughts are venerable relics adorned
with countless trophies and battle honours


  1. I love this dreadnought, hopefully he comes out tonight ;) Great job on the base and weathering at the bottom of his legs. Good choice on helmet color as well.

    1. Thanks man though I can't give away all of my list for tonight :) I'm thinking 2 warhound titans - 1500 plus a librarian in terminator armour for a cool 1750? Deal?

    2. I think you're the one who told me to go with white for a helmet. It really draws the eye to the correct part of the model.

  2. Th white helmet is a nice touch and I really like the extended legs. They give him a whole new look.

    Ron, FTW

  3. I really appreciate that you kept the shoulders intact and didn't just slap on the turret guns like so many people have done.

    1. Yeah I think those look lazy and incomplete. The only downside is mine are lopsided from head on since the close combat shoulder is mounted differently than the gun arms which I had spares of.


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