Primaris Psyker for Dark Heresy

I finially got my primaris psyker model in the mail to replace the feral looking psyker I'd been using previously.  As my character in the game has grown and is about to become a Templar Calix I figured his tattered garbage clothing should be replaced with something more fitting.  The model has a force staff and a holstered pistol therefore he will be WYSIWYG throughout the campaign!
I had to shave off the eyebrows and beard to match my characters lack of hair (which was a pain in the butt to smooth since this model is still metal).  There was a lot more detail in his face but after I slipped and made a mistake and had to restart the thicker paint ruined that...  I could have stripped him but the face was last and I'd already put in an evening.  Oh well.

I also wrote up a backstory (most is expunged to stop my prying acolyte teamates from seeing it on the blog) but the GM has it all.  Anyway this accounts for his rash decisions when he's afraid such as destroy a planets economy or maim women and children as collateral damage.

Character History

Brand merely remembers his childhood and his place within the world in which he was raised. Comparing his memories to his current knowledge, he recalls a society on the brink of space flight attempting to reach and explore their parent planet.

 On his 31st Terran birthday, now one of the eldest beings on the planet, remembered the man he’d met 17 years past. He awoke in a sweat to see the man at his feet. “Do you believe it was luck that took you this far?” With a surprised look he shrugged, extended his hand, and took the awe-struck and speech-less Brand to his Arvus.

What had originally brought the Inquisitor to the system or why he had been drawn specifically to Brand was never explained to him.

Brand to this day finds it hard to trust and has a survival instinct which surpasses all other desires. Honour bound to the kindness shown by his saviour and the vengeance in his heart, Brand continues to serve in hopes of finding a way to strike back at the which took his parents those many years ago. Those around him know better than to ask of his history and assume that his alias refers to his imperial psyker brand however his name predates such events…