Stormboyz Ork Army

White Dwarf 136, April 1991 'Eavy Metal, page WD52:
Stormboyz are rebellious Orks who are youthfully obsessed with drillin', marchin', salutin' and other unOrky behavior. Mostly they grow out of their obsession but a few dire-hards can't give up their disciplined ways and become Stormboy Kaptins or find themselves drawn into one of the Freebooter bands which worship the Blood God Khorne. . .

Stormboyz rebel against their clan style in the same way that teenagers rebel against the dress of their parents. The older Orks just wait for them to grow out of this phase, putting up with their strange behaviour and youthful enthusiasm.

As part of their rebellion, Stormboyz become obsessed with discipline in their dress as much as in their marchin' and salutin'. Each Stormboyz Korps adopts its own uniform. Shiny polished jackboots, buckles and helmets are common. Such Human-styled military trappings are frowned upon by traditionally-minded Orks.

The blue and grey uniform of the Stormboyz shown here is typical.

It was to be much shorter and less varied than my other projects. I planned to make up 100 or so boyz (sluggas and shootas converted from AoBR) and a few other things; that was a lie. . . I'm way past 'a few other things' now! This will roughly play 3500 points if efficiently equipped (not just dumping gear onto models to buff the points). It is about 160 infantry models, 6 walkers, 7 vehicles and 9 bikes/koptas. Orks definitely all start to look the same after a while.

I capped this project off in the spring of 2011 and sold it. I was sad to see it go but there just wasn't enough time to play them. I also wasn't losing many games so it wasn't very tactically challenging. Ork mobs aren't the easiest thing to remove in 5th.

I'll slowly post unit profiles and photos of the components of this army in the future so stay tuned.