Scratch Built Macharius WIP 4

Here is the lower hull!  I moved the guards around the hull mounted stubber forward to better hide the mechanism.  I also added the sponsons, some green stuff on whatever those things are at the front of the tracks on IG vehicles (you know what I am refering too), bondo'd the crap out of the model and added lots of fixins. . .
You can see from these pictures there are hundreds of rivets.  I counted at one point but it is definately 400+ over the hole model espeically once the tracks are factored in.  They add up quickly that's for sure.  The engine is a zap gun or something from an ork battle wagon. . . who says the looting only goes one way? 

I really didn't like the bondo.  I was scared of the fumes when wet and scared of the dust when dry. . .  I haven't used this stuff since.


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