Scratch Built Macharius Part 3

I inhaled way too much glue on this stage (they do say well ventilated for a reason).   My head hurts and my nose burns. The big problem is that the sides needed too much glue to attach well to the main hull. I've since started gluing under the range hood on the stove so that should help a bit. . .

You can see that I've completed both track sides (technical term anyone?) and attached them to the main hull. I am holding off on the main detailing of the hull until I crack fill all of those glaring holes at a later date. Right now I was just trying to crack out the polygons. They seem to take the most time actually and I've come to the conclusion that I prefer the small details instead of the big shapes; those are somehow actually more tedious. Next up will be finishing off the rear end of the hull with the overhanging turret mount that hangs over the rear tracks.
I also have to do some surgery to scavenge track bits from further back on the tank. I had thought they would be covered by the hull more near the front but now they're just out in the open and I will have to swap them for some of the ones that will be covered later.