Counts-as A Tank

So I managed to purchase someones IG collection for the price of 1.5x Leman Russ tanks (like my new monetary unit that transends countries?).   The pieces were not in that great of shape but lets say it will be easy to divide up and sell everything for the price of around 4 Leman Russ hulls and get to keep two hulls for myself!...

So what have I made?  Well I wanted another Vindicator for my Space Marines (of any chapter really) but after making the tank couldn't really paint it as one.   Looking through Imperial Armour there is the IG Thunderer which is essentially a vindicator with better armour.  So there you have it.  I'll paint it up to match my IG army and use it in both my SM games and IG games as either a Thunderer or a counts as Vindicator.  I really like the idea of having a combined arms look to a table top army so having some IG in my marine army (not rules wise) will look cool. 
< The hellstorm cannon from a baneblade I think (found in my bits box) fit exceptionally well with a bit of spacing into the lascannon mount.  Paired with a few other additions, including removing the turret ring, it has the profile of a vindicator and a unique look to it. With the last hull (I would have kept more but didn't really have any ideas - he had a lot of tanks) I decided to give my IG a unique looking vehicle.  To match my Space Wolf army and to fit with their old 3rd edition fluff I made a Leman Russ Exterminator.  Luckily the tank hull is the old original design which is more boxy (and old means old right?) so it should be the best option for my older looking space wolves that are painted as 13th company.  The autocannon gun from the new kit fits perfectly into the old turret.  Well done GW.

I squeezed a marine into the copula and added a dark angels tech marine helmet (the symbol was filled in with GS).  In game this bad boy will count as Pask in a Leman Russ Executioner which actually explains the BS 4 (just like a marine!).  If I use it alongside my Space Wolves there should be no issue among my friends counting it as a Predator with las sponsons.

I'll keep everyone updated with a final painted shot.