Magnetic Dice Tower and Dice Vaults - Woodworking

I was looking for a woodworking project to do and really liked the wyrmwood stuff and wanted to try my hand at it. They actually had plans online for the dice vaults so I followed those as close as I could. For the tower, I didn't have their plans and actually set out with enough wood to make two of these. Through trial and error and many mistakes, I believe I screwed up somehow at each stage of the project, I whittled my wood and pieces down from sufficient to make two of these, to barely enough to make one. The dice tower is magnetic and comes apart fully to go in the dice tray (picture at end). During the process I even glued the magnetic in on one piece with the wrong polarity and had to drill them out. It was a stressful project.

Here's a video of the magnetic tower setup

What I really want to show is the sketchy jig I made for routering out the dice tray. I used a bunch of scrap wood to hold the pieces and ran the router over top with a crappy little stop. The pieces sometimes would actually sometimes be pulled up toward the router so I had to hold them down with a pencil while running the router; definitely not the best idea but it worked.

Since I had the tools set up and measured I figured I'd make a bunch of them. I made six of them with my wife; they're full of various kingdom death dice sets now. I started by lining them with foam but ended up removing that and getting some leather scraps to put inside. Might nicer since the foam actually was getting scratched easily and looked bad.

The dice vaults all fold up with the magnetic dice tower inside a convenient carry box. I didn't have plans from wyrmwood for the tower but they do make nice stuff and it inspired me so here's a link there if you want to have a look.