Cribbage Board - Woodworking

I wanted to try out something new (wavy patterns) so I decided to try it on some crib boards; which would basically just be a cutting board with holes in it. To start, I cut and planed a walnut plank down to size and then used a bandsaw to cut a wavy pattern in the board. I then glued a thin piece of wood between the boards and glued it up. After it dried, I did this two more times using maple and walnut (darker) than the board itself for some subtle transition. 

I find most things are worth  making multiples since the time is in the setup and measuring so cutting a 2nd is always quick. Once the boards were dry, I planed them flat again and then added a chamfer around the outside.

Adding the cribbage holes was a pain and not enjoyable. Hundreds of holes... I scaled a template down to fit on the boards (not the other way around) and then started drilling. Sadly because it was scaled down, a few of the holes moved due to either grain pattern or the laminated wood and then merged with a neighbouring hole. This only happened a couple times, and all on the first one I made. The nicer one was given as a gift. Once that was done I drilled some holes for the skunk and double skunk lines. I pushed a thin dowel in and then sanded that flush.

Then the best part, after the sanding, the finish! These basically are just fancy cutting boards so I added rubber feet too.