Company of Heroes Board Game Buildings Painted

I finished the last of my Company of Heroes terrain - the 9 houses (standard buildings?) and the 8 ruins (destroyed buildings) from the Terrain Pack. I may do the objectives later and some tanks but not right now. 

I did the base coat with my airbrush and some wych flesh but discovered that my airbrush head was SUPER clogged. It took two hours to realize this, clean everything and get the painting done; but at least it's a smooth coat. Brushing that on would take forever. I also didn't go overboard on detail, I just did a single coat for the bricks and windows (red and browns) and didn't bother with any shading. I just didn't care that much. For the roofs though, I did to a coat of bestial brown, some spots of khorne red and then dry brushed blazing orange. It's just enough for visual interest but not so much that I had to spend more than an evening getting the terrain done. These aren't intended to be display quality so it's "good enough" without driving me bonkers.