DIY Acrylic Display Shelf (Fits Ikea)

A long while back I bought some laser cut acrylic shelf inserts that fit in my Ikea detolfs. They were shipped from the USA which ended up prohibitively expensive due to the size of the sheets and the customs tax worth almost half of what I paid for the shelves. I'm not sure if it was specifically my experience with it, but the guy making them no longer ships out of the US. As a side note the shelves themselves were great, I just can't get them anymore and they were expensive.

So, to make more room in my shelves and in anticipation of some day getting more kingdom death stuff, I set out to make my own, without a laser cutter. I picked up a small acrylic sheet (24"x24") from a local hardware store and a cheap high tooth count blade for my table saw. A bunch of quick cuts and then some notches for the shelves and I was ready to build. I could not find anywhere that had cheap 'acrylic' glue so I just used super glue. I did learn not to get any on your fingers and then touch the plastic or you leave etched finger prints; it also seemed the glue off-gassed regardless though I can't be sure; next time I would try to be more careful. I also used the cheapest saw blade I could get which did chip the plastic a bit. These are just for personal use though, and as you can see in the photo, you can't see any chip out from this distance. The biggest issue is the fogging of the plastic but since this cost me about 15 bucks (plus the saw blade) I can't complain and will make another one if I need more.