7th Continent Miniatures - Painted

The whole family

I finished painting my 7th continent figures recently. I'd painted 2/3 of them a while back and didn't get around to the rest. I haven't painted in months! With covid fears there wasn't much in the way of face to face gaming sessions so my motivation to paint stuff wasn't really there. However, I was playing some 7th continent and finally finished the first curse. That means next curse we will switch characters and I wanted them all to be painted and available.

They're small so pretty quick compared to normal minis (as in 28-32 mm) and I didn't give them the same degree of detail as I may on larger miniatures. The textured specialty paint from GW was perfect for adding some texture to the bases as well since flock or actual basing material is generally way too large at this scale (or would look like boulders). I used the game art for a colour palette to force some paint use that I'd normally not select and give good variety to the colours of the figures).

Next up will be the two 'vehicles', the hot air balloon and the raft. I'm waiting on some washes to come in the mail before finishing those. I'm also pretty excited for the 7th citadel, so check that out on kickstarter when it launches!

Most recent - front

Most recent - rear

2nd batch

The first batch I painted were the goat, 2 characters and the fire, so in the hope that was all we needed for our first curse (it was). 
1st batch