Kingdom Death - Gigalion - Breccia

I spent the morning finishing up Breccia, the last White Gigalion survivor I intend to paint for now. She has lots of browns on account of the skin tone and leather so now that she's done, I'm not super sold on the blue/white. I don't mind it on the face but the kilt draws the eye down. I only went that way to match the cloth scheme on the rest of my survivors.

I guess when taken with a group of survivors it isn't quite as extreme.

She's a sweet model though (all of these narrative sculpts are) and I look forward to more. The hair is so cool.

I haven't assembled the gorm armoured guy since I have one already built that way.


  1. I like the contrast between brown and the white.

    1. I'm pretty lazy, it will probably stay lol


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