Kingdom Death - More unarmoured Survivors WIP

I haven't posted in forever! Children have eaten up most of my free time so I haven't painted much. We also recently finished up a people of the lantern campaign in February; our first campaign under 1.5 which did not use any of the base monsters (replaced with gorm, dung beetle, spidicules and slenderman).

So now we've restarted another People of the Stars campaign and since we haven't experience 1.5 antelope, one of my buddies is going to try that out with spears (which we've never given an honest go of either). In addition, I added in a few select community edition cards, namely the dagger specialization, the daggers and some phoenix gear. So another friend is going to try out daggers.

This means I didn't have any proper models to represent those set ups. I took my Till Death Do Us Part male, and replaced his stone with a spear. I did not need more starting survivors with crit stones. And the thief model is also cool, but I didn't want a rawhide-ish model with daggers since I'll be getting one in my gamblers chest. So I painted her up with the leather looking like cloth. It doesn't have as many folds, but it doesn't come across too poorly. The colour scheme helps it blend in with the rest of them. We're only on LY 5 and haven't purchased any armour yet so these guys should get some mileage.