Nerd Room Desk Complete!

I'm all done my desk upgrade! The weather took a turn for the worse and the stain on the tabletop wouldn't dry in my garage so I left it in my nerd room with the window open and the door closed for a week. Then applied 4 coats of polyurethane sealant. I also used that time to make another small custom cabinet for underneath the display cases. The other one I had, was black, smaller and gave me so much fear that it would break. This one you could stand multiple people on so no fear of any collapse ruining my precious models! I'll likely go back once I find a primer that works on Ikea laminate and paint the desk leg white to match but for now everything is done. Time to put my feet up!

During construction
Before resurfacing and new cabinet.

I also took the opportunity to rearrange some of the models in my case and tried to make a diorama in the bottom. I'll post more photos of that later.


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    1. Thanks man, it gets used for my hobby stuff and entertaining buddies (board gaming etc.) so I'm in here quite often. Now to find some motivation to finally paint some stuff again.


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