Kingdom Death Gold Smoke Knight Painted

I've finished my Gold Smoke Knight. As you can see from the WIP photos, I changed the smoke to be more grey. It looked too bland being pure black so I touched up the ends with lighter greys. I also added a slight bit more white to the fur after taking these photos (not too much).  The gold is done with a few citadel bronze and silver paints from the old range (4 total) and a sepia wash. I didn't add much colour too him, and left it with the red belt. I have all of my Kingdom Death monsters on display beside one another so I often try to avoid any similarity between the monsters. An example of this is the difference between my Kingsman and Hand; two other models primarily wearing metal armour and capes. This guy being a third is still suitably different with this scheme. I suppose I could have added some colour to the 'patterned' bits hanging from his belt, but I wasn't overly convinced they were fabric. Even so, more gold is better on a gold smoke knight!


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    1. Thanks! As a post-script, I stole the idea for the cloak direct from BattleBunnies.


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