Kingdom Death Dark Trader Custom Event

With the current Dark Trader settlement event, the options are so bad (aside from perhaps the founding stone) that I've never wasted resources on them, and that's after 100s of LY of play. My group agrees. The best thing about the event is that nothing bad inherently happens when you draw it.

So now seemed like a good time to make a new event and introduce a bunch of the promo items and items from the beta scenarios that I liked. 

Since the event may or may not come up, and there's no way of planning for it (aside from hoarding resources) I didn't want the costs to be prohibitive to the point that the event, again, was meaningless. I also wanted it somewhat tailored to my group's play style. I'll acknowledge that an item may be under costed in a vacuum but I had to tailor them to what my group would pay. 

The endeavor costs were also added so that a group is unlikely to just spam purchase everything. Side note with the Nightmare Breast Pump - that one specifically is locked behind the protect the young principle because it would buff SotF way too much.

I also want to thank Fen for his input on the costs and the event in general. At his suggestion I changed some of the costs and changed some of the items for balance.

Anyway, I will also mention that I play with my settlement events sleeved so I do not have a back made for this (though I'm sure you can find one if you need), and just plan to print this and overlay it on the existing card.

Hope someone can use this!