Blood Bowl - Orcs Painted

All done! I've intermixed some 'on pitch' photos with some one a gradient to show off the colour a bit better.

Here's the black orcs, made from orruk brutes. I shaved off all of the bigger weapons and axes so they weren't using too many conspicuous weapons on the pitch. I also went with some darker skin tone for the 'blackness'.

Here's a good comparison between the black orc and his smaller lineman teammate, showing both the size and skin variation.

To have the models all look different, I used two linemen as blitzers and added some ork plumage to their helmets to match the stock blitzer. I also cut off the crotch armour on the linemen to make them look a bit faster.

For the throwers, I didn't want them to look identical so I converted one of the blitzers from the box into a 'runner', using the arm of a thower and carving off a lot of the spikes and armour plates such as the hips to make him look less armoured and more agile.

Last photo shows my three bloodbowl teams on display, the orcs and the humans lined up on the scrimmage and the underworld in the back