Kingdom Death Terrain - Lion Knight Stage

Following on the heals of my stone face sculpting, I made the stage from the lion knight expansion. I wanted to try out painting marble so I found a tutorial I liked on Warseer. Sadly I didn't take any progress photos but it was fairly painless and I like how it turned out for a first try. There's some parts I'd change, but you can't really fix them since it's blended.
Side note, I broke the 'rim' off of the bases on the role survivors I made and then painted them various colours. That way during the encounter as roles change, players just need to know which colour rim their base is, and then swap the model. Down the road when the KS stuff ships and I get the sculpted role survivors I may re-purpose a few of these though. The sword villain in the back will probably get a hood and be painted more inline with the rawhide dagger guy I made so she can be a rawhide sword carrier since I don't have one yet.