Kingdom Death Terrain - Stone Face 1

I'd looked online for stone faces to purchase but they were pretty expensive so this turned into a new learning experience for me. I've never sculpted anything before, so I bought some Crayola air dry putty from walmart for 5 bucks. I started watching a couple youtube videos for beginners and then set to work. It really was easy with a tutorial video and because it's only 4" long and is supposed to be made of stone, it didn't need to be perfect. I added the side pillars so that models could stand on the face. To add a bit of visual interest, I carved out the round pillars with a pen lid. I don't have any sculpting tools, just an exacto knife. I did order a cheap set for a couple bucks from China but those won't get here for a while. Maybe next time!

Everyone fits, even monsters!

The whole family