Kingdom Death - Percival

I've added the story event that comes with Percival into the basic hunt event deck, so if we end up with a Sword Master I think this model will be another 'reward' model for that player. Basically she looks way too well equipped to be anything our settlement would cobble together so she'll just have to represent the improved 'skills' - until she gets eaten. I stuck true to the concept art for this one. Sometimes, like my sunstalker I want to try my own thing; on others I like to colour match for recognizably or just forcing myself to not paint the same colours all of the time (an example being this is the first fiery 'orange' haired survivor I've done out of 30+).


  1. Gorgeous as always!!!!! Seem to be getting better every model painted!

    1. But I'm running out of models!?!?!!!


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