Blood Bowl - Underworld - Skaven p2

Because of the fur and skin difference (and me not wanting to paint 14 models at once) I split these up and did the skaven part of the team by itself. You can see a bit better on this picture too, that I did some very quick conversions on the models to shorten their tails and add some variety to them. I dislike the original tails (they get in the way when playing) and I didn't want two throwers to look identical so I cut his arm a bit so he could hold the ball and look more like a runner. I also added a khorne head crest to one of the blitzers to make him stand out.


  1. Colourful and clean. A nice change from the usual Skaven black.

    1. Thanks man. I'm using these as an excuse to use yellow and the best yellow is a crisp yellow :)


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