Blood Bowl - Human Coach

A bit of a Kingdom Death break, the back of the Blood Bowl league rules indicate that if a person has a suitable coach model in a league they gain a special rule for interacting on foul plays. Playing dirty in Blood Bowl is pretty tempting, and so is having a coach/rules that help you get away with it! I picked this guy up from Willy Miniatures and it's the first metal model I've painted in a really long time.

I wanted to spruce up the cloth a bit so I tried my hand at a tartan pattern. I'm going to call it 'functional' since I'd rate it a 6/10 but from 24" it looks passable. I like the model and he made some of the other guys in my league a bit jealous that they don't have appropriate coaches - yet haha

I went with the team name "Highland Hammers" for the first season; I'd like to revisit that and change it to something far more punny later on.

There were no scale shots online of the Willy Miniatures Human Coach so I wanted to share this one, he's on a 25 mm base and he's standing beside a lineman from my team. He's not too short, perhaps a short 5'8" compared to the huge lineman which is fitting.


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