Kingdom Death - Sunstalker - Painted

Here's the finished Sunstalker; super shark-like now! The hands are airbrushed white so they're as bright as I could make them; deliberately. The water effects are from Woodland Scenics; I think it took about 10 pours to get it this thick. I mixed in a bit of blue wash into it for a tint; you can see it up against the rocks beneath the praying guy. I spread a bit along the tentacles too to make them look slimy.
This model is super unique and it was really fun to paint and try out some different things with the basing. I'm glad I switched over from the brown/slug like concept art colours to this more shark / Ursula inspired theme. I think when the monsters look vaguely inspired from real world creatures it's important for that the colours be rooted in reality otherwise they look off.


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    1. Bow before our aquatic overlords

  2. Absolutely fantastic, man! I love it!

  3. As soon as I saw it I thought Disney octo-villain. Fantastic mate!


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