Kingdom Death - Flower Knight Survivor

Axe lady is done; I added the rawhide shawl to keep her shoulders warm. It also has the benefit of hiding the shoulder joins so I don't have to green stuff a bunch. You can see on her ankle I added a little bracelet which was out of necessity not artistic design. I dropped and stepped on her and the leg broke in half. Damned survivors can't escape serious injury even when not facing monsters haha. So once it was glued the easiest way to hide the seam was to paint over it :)

I really like the little tufts of grass too. I bought those from Army Painter and also just ordered some more except those will be little flowers that I'll add to the flower knight I've already done. Those flowers come from Gamers Grass; I hope they turn out.

Here's the baby flower knight guy with his load out to take advantage oft he People of the Bloom sword. I used the same scheme for the metal like bits as my flower knight below, and put him in a similar pose; at least best I could with the bits available. It's really fun to be able to customize your survivors this way; but now I have about 35 of them painted up so every additional guy I add it more for fun than need haha.