Kingdom Death - Sunstalker Basing

I put my sunstalker together and decided on this set up for the base. I'm going to add water effects to it so that he looks to be swimming in the sun pool. His/her tentacles seem to wrap around these stone works pretty well. I'm also going to use the kneeling survivor that came with the spidicules expansion as a worshiper. I'm not sure why he's in the spider set but he's perfect for this use.


  1. I found this kit to be a pig to put together, but it looks so good once assembled.

    Lovely idea on the Spidicules worshiper and those face sculpts on the base look like they were made for this scene.

    1. This is the kit you had trouble with? Not the tree or the phoenix? haha I didn't find it rough at all. Any yeah those faces fit perfectly. I did make sure to use the best fit but it's almost uncanny now :)


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