Kingdom Death - Lion Knight - Role Survivors Part 3

The whole gang is here!  From left to right, staring the ruler, the villain, the damsel and the fool. I should have thought of this first, but I'm going to break the outer rims off of the base and colour code them. In this encounter (spoiler), when using these custom models players will change models often and it can get confusing who is who so having a colour coded rim will help.

Since the models are custom and not the stock roles, they don't look exactly like the imagery so I used the same colour schemes to help the players. Beyond a little mention of who's who it shouldn't be hard to keep track of. Red cloak? Ruler; Dude in a dress? Damsel; you get the idea :)

The Ruler - he demands respect

The Villain - looks a little roguish

The Damsel - a little tight across the chest

The Fool - A really scary jester