Blood Bowl - Human Team - Painted!

Here's my finished human blood bowl team! I'm really happy with how they turned out so let me ramble about them! To summarize some earlier points, these are the 12 guys from the starter box with a converted ogre. I based them with citadel grass to match the playing pitch. The white chalk lines are added with skull white stippled over the grass to make them look more interesting (and to make a line of scrimmage when they line up!). Everyone is numbered from 1-16 based on their positions so I can keep track if I get a league going (have some interest buy we'll see how much longevity it has among the fathers of the group).
Throughout you can see that I tried to keep the 'jazz' to a minimum, leaving that only to the odd shoe here and there.  Even when I try to paint a colourful scheme my stuff ends up pretty subdued/muted. It's really the bases, which are exceptionally simple, which make the models pop. Never ignore your bases!

Numbering for ease of tracking
Players are numbered:
1-2: throwers
3-6: blitzers
7-8: catchers
12-15: linemen
16: ogre.

That leaves 9-11 for overlap if I ever need more catchers or linemen. The rest are already at the player caps for each position.

 With his custom helmet the ogre fits right in!
Converted ogre

Easy custom blitzers
Here are the four blitzers on my team, 2 of which were just the base lineman models. Once they have the headdresses added they're sufficient for the uninitiated to tell them apart from everyone else; which is all that matters. The larger plume came from the centurion box set and I had to add greenstuff to the top for texture since it was just smooth. The remaining three are from Secret Weapon Miniatures

Catchers going for the ball

Four linemen; the guys with no skills and even lower salaries.
Last but not least; well, least
Now they're ready to get out there and crush some elves, dwarves, orcs, skaven... yeah you get the idea.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks man, now to get some staff.

  2. Really nice finished result mate. I'd definitely happily play against these with my 90s orc team!

    1. They'd just like to get as many games in as possible, 90s or 10s orcs no problem! I've got 4 people signed up and a game a piece with them as learning games. League night Friday! I also bit the bullet and ordered a neoprene game mat to play in style.


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