Kingdom Death - Dragon King WIP

A People of the Stars campaign wouldn't be much without a Dragon King to fight!  Going with a muted green on this guy with a serpent style underbelly.  This model is huge.  You can really see compared to my monitor and keyboard.  I'll get some scale shots when it's done to really highlight this, but it's a 4x4 base where the Phoenix (if you've seen it) is only 3x3.


  1. O.O

    That is massive! (And it looks so cool!)

    Going to be a sweet finished piece for sure!

    1. Definitely massive; I'm actually selling my 40k Khorne army to make room for more kingdom death stuff in the case. Apparently 2 more of the monsters will be this big so I needed more real estate.

  2. Oh man, this is going to be freaking amazing!!!!


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