Kingdom Death - Dragon King Painted

Dragon King Expansion
 Dragon King is finished!  Such a huge beast of a model.  I think my favourite part oddly is the underbelly...

I haven't read in detail, but apparently he's got an inner fire so this chest maw get's some bright yellow light.

The horns are interesting, I went with the concept art on these too and the effect of bone to red to bone is pretty unique for anything I've painted.  I wouldn't have come up with it on my own.  His lizard eyes are neat too!

 Stretchy wing tissue was done with a purple base coat, two shades of peach/tan skin tone and some reds.

 Check this image out for scale!  He's a massive model and I'm scared to fight him!

As an afterthought when I took a WIP photo from behind, his tail was all green and it looked boring so I actually went back and then painted the underside of his tail with the light tan colouring to match the front and it gives some more visual appeal.  The skin tone is Tallarn flesh, a purple wash and then highlighted up to Elven flesh.


  1. Well damn, I think this is the best painted dragon king I've seen yet. The red hue on the horns is definitely striking.
    Hope you manage to kill it despite the awesome paintjob!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Maybe we'll get to him by the summer haha.

  2. Excuse the expletives, but fuck me mate, you've outdone yourself here by far! Wow!

    1. Thanks! A friend bought this expansion for our group so here's hoping it stays in my cabinet :)


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