Kingdom Death - Flower Knight WIP

Starting work on the flower knight.  His armour is metal and since I can't do NMM I'm going to shade the metals with washes so that it's green.  Really want to highlight the nature element here.


  1. Though you already started, an easy way to exaggerate the highlights on the pedals, is to pre highlight them all prior to the washes. Either through using a zenthil highlight when priming the mini, or by base coating and building up the metallics on the flakes. The washes will then just tint the final effect.

    Either way, already looks boss :)

    1. Very good point. I tried something like that a long time ago for flame effect but never considered it for this guy since it's small and I'm not a very precise airbrusher with my set up. It's usually more trouble than it's worth to get my machine running so I save it for batch base coating only.

      I'm old and set in my rudimentary ways hahaha


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