Kingdom Death - Gorm Armour Painted

In contrast to the pinup from last post who just has a sword, I wanted these two to have shields since I'm guessing (not played yet) that this armour will be better for tanking.  Continued the black leather gimp suit approach too.
Big shoulder pads are the key to victory if World of Warcraft taught me anything...


  1. Those look fantastic - nicely done, man!

  2. Freaky buggers these. Look great in your painted shceme though!

    1. Thanks, every game needs a gimp suit I guess :) I don't really like the gorm expansion so won't see much play with these. I think the other two will get turned into stone statues potentially. Or is it salt statue? Something from the sunstalker fight makes statues. I haven't played it yet but wanted to make figures for it with lesser used sprues. Long way down the road though :)


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